Dozens Killed and Injured in Car Bomb Blast Targeting Salvation Government Building in Idlib

Alexander Falconer | 13 May, 2018

A car bomb on the evening of Saturday 12 May targeted a building belonging to the "Salvation Government in Idlib city, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Idlib's Civil Defence Forces reported on their Facebook page that nine people were injured and over 25 injured in the explosion which occurred in the town's central al-Kassih neighborhood.

Al-Dorar al-Shamiya's correspondent affirmed that the blast caused the local field hospital to be put out of service, as well as damaging several other buildings in the neighbourhood. 

The site targeted by the blast was the offices for the Salvation Government's Justice and Economy Ministry. It is not yet clear which actor was responsible for the incident. 

Idlib has recently witnessed a series of IED and car bomb explosions targeting fighters and commanders of militant factions. The targets of the blasts and the intent behind them have generally remained unconfirmed, as most incidents have not been claimed.

Translated By: Alexander Falconer