Israel Releases Map Showing Locations of Strikes in Syria

Alexander Falconer | 10 May, 2018

The Israeli military released a map on Thursday 10 May showing sites which it targeted inside Syrian territory belonging to the Iranian and Syrian governments.

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said in a statement that its airstrikes had targeted dozens of military sites belonging to Iranian IRGC forces inside Syria. The most prominent of these was "a military facility and another logistical site belonging to Iranian forces in al-Kaswah; an Iranian base in northern Damascus; weapons stores belonging to the IRGC at Damascus international airport; and other Iranian intelligence and military facilities".  

The IDF statement added that Syrian air defences attempted to fire at Israeli planes while the strikes were being carried out, despite Israeli warnings to the Syrian government. This prompted an Israeli response, with several surface-to-air missile defence systems belonging to the Syrian government being bombed, according to the news network al-Arabiya. 

The news network Russia Today reported that Israel had targeted sites deep within Syria, including the 137th Artillery Battalion site in Rif Dimasq Governorate, the Bali military air base south-east of Damascus, and the Damascus Trade Tower near the capital. Israeli strikes also hit Jamraya in Rif Dimasq, the Qusayr region in Homs, and the Khalkhala military airport in northern Suweida Governorate. Two explosions were also heard at al-Mezzeh air base and in the al-Zabaltani area near the Syrian capital. 

Large explosions were also heard at sites belonging to the government-linked 116th Battalion near al-Dumayr, and at the 122 air base.

Statements from the Russian Defence Ministry said that "sites where Iranian military forces are deployed were subject to attacks by Israel. Israel also struck Syrian government air defence sites near Damascus and in southern Syria".

The IDF said that this escalation was a response to the IRGC launching 20 rockets at border areas in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which was described by Israel as a dangerous Iranian aggression. 


Translated By: Alexander Falconer