US Air Forces Launch New Strikes Inside Syria

Alexander Falconer | 8 May, 2018

A new US military formation has participated in strikes against ISIS positions inside Syrian territory as part of the international coalition against the militant group. 

Reuters reported on Tuesday 8 May that the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman joined the US's 6th Fleet on 18 April, a week after US, British, and French airstrikes had targeted Syrian government military facilities.

The US Navy said in a statement that "combat forces have been deployed in order to support NATO partners and protect US security interests".

The commander of the USS Harry Truman, Nicholas Dienna, said "we have commenced combat operations in support of Operation Inherent Resolve", the campaign launched by the international coalition in 2014 against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. 

Dienna added that "this operation demonstrates our resolve to our allies and partners in the region and our continuing fight to eliminate ISIS and their regional impact".

The US leads the military alliance against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and contributes operations to reduce the organisation's influence on the ground and the regional territory which it controls.

The newspaper The Times reported last 13 April that the US was assembling ten warships and two submarines in the Mediterranean sea and the Gulf region, amongst which was the destroyer the USS Donald Cook as well as three other destroyers.

Translated By: Alexander Falconer