New Comments From Egypt Regarding Sending Troops to Syria

Alexander Falconer | 6 May, 2018

Egypt's Foreign Minister, Sami Shukri, made new comments on Friday regarding the issue of his country sending troops to Syria within a broader Arab coalition. 

According to the pro-government newspaper al-Ahram, Shukri said that "the idea of replacing some military forces with others, perhaps from Arab countries, is a possibility, and is being discussed not only at a media level".

The Egyptian Foreign Minister added that "there are discussions and deliberations going on among state officials to look into the possibility of these ideas contributing to Syria's stability".

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Ahmad Abu Zayd, said in a clarifying statement that "the Minister's comments came as a response to a question as to whether what was circulating in the Arab and international press was true regarding a request by the US to send Arab troops to Syria". The spokesman said that the Foreign Minister's statement "was not a comment on the likelihood of there soon being Egyptian troops sent to Syria".

According to the Washington Post, an official from the US intelligence services recently held a secret meeting with the head of Egypt's intelligence service to discuss the possibility of sending Egyptian troops to Syria after a withdrawal of US forces.  

Translated By: Alexander Falconer