Iran orders Hezbollah to send 3,000 fighters to the Syrian-Iraqi border

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Instructions issued from Iran to Hezbollah militia to send 3,000 fighters to stop the advance of US-led coalition forces along the Iraq-Syria border, Israeli intelligence sources revealed on Sunday.

The source said, "The dispatch of Hezbollah forces came after US fighter jets destroyed a special force convoy of Hezbollah that was making its way to the Al-Tanf crossing at the border triangle between Jordan, Iraq and Syria close to the highway (1) links between Baghdad , the Syrian capital Damascus and Amman, "according to the Israeli website" Netsav Net ".

Iran is currently trying to capture the strategic border crossing in order to preserve the land bridge it has paved and lead to Beirut. It also sees how the United States controls all of Syria's northeastern areas, in cooperation with the Kurds, and recognizes that this choice is the only one to activate the land bridge that transcends the Shiite crescent by maintaining the Al-Tanf crossing.

The sources added: "Tehran is working to do so to mobilize its own forces in order to thwart the intentions of Washington, and use (Hezbollah) and Iraqi forces under the leadership of Iranian military experts, and refrain from involving the Iranian armed forces directly in the wars in the region."

There have been recent reports of hundreds of Iraqi fighters being flown to Syria to reach the border areas of Iraq and support forces operating on the ground to prevent the advance of US forces..




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