Zain Telecommunications Company counterfeites Imran’s reality of #Syrian

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

In its annual promotional film, launched on Saturday, Zain launched its idea of ​​"combating terrorism" with the truth about Syrian child Imran Daknish, who was killed in the Syrian regime’s air strikes considering him a victim of IS organization rather.

The Zain promotional footage showed that the child was a victim of the IS organization acts and terrorism contrary to the truth that Omran was murdered in raids and bombing of the Syrian regime on the city of Aleppo last year, which prompted the Syrian revolution activists to launch an attack through social media on the telecommunications company and supporting countries, saying that this very film is misleading and falsifying the truth.

"Zain's ad uses the image of the Omran child as a victim of a jihadist group hiding Assad's crimes and exploiting the images of the victims in favor of their murderers and such propaganda serves for terrorism, not against, an activist ,Ahmed Abazid tweeted.

The footage shows a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt as the child saying “forgiver person did not hurt his killers’ ears,". They said that what the child uttered was similar to Omran’s words in the film that forgives the Russian airstrikes on Syria blaming the IS Organization acts only considering them the source of every criminal actions.

“Abdullah al-Maliki" tweeted  “Zain's propaganda restricts terrorism in armed groups and ignores the terrorism of governments and regimes allowed Russian fighters. "

The child Omran Dakneish, who was killed in air raids of the Syrian regime on his home in the neighborhood of Katraji in Aleppo last August had a large-scale spread footage on the international media shows that he sits on a chair in an ambulance and his face covered with dust and blood.




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