The Syrian regime Fıred the National Defense Forcesi leader of Aleppo

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Syrian regime on Thursday overthrew the leader of the national defense militias in Aleppo, Sami al-Opari, after dozens of complaints from the families of the western districts of Aleppo against him and his militia.

According to media sources loyal to the Syrian regime that the decision to dismiss the Opari was issued yesterday, and began the security branches to remove the barriers belonging to his militia, and spread in the neighborhoods of Jamiat al-Zahra and Hamdaniyah.

The sources added that the decision was issued because some prominent businessmen and families of Aleppo complaints against the militia members, because of their practices of theft and robbing of funds and harassment of girls, and sometimes kidnapping for ransom.

Opari is one of the most important businessmen in the city of Aleppo, owns many shops and industrial halls, and is the owner of the largest local militia, where he was appointed as a commander of the national defense militia in November 2014.

The President of the Center for Reconciliation, "Sergei Boden," was honored Sami Opari "this year 2017, through a certificate of honor his image was placed on with the Russian president and head of the reconciliation center..




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