Initial negotiations between Notables of Jeroud and the Syrian regime

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

According to field sources in the eastern city of Jeroud, there are negotiations started Friday afternoon between a delegation of people and dignitaries of the city and the Syrian regime to discuss the situation of the city, after the regime tightened the siege on the eastern region of Qalamoun on Thursday.

The sources said that a delegation of six well-known figures, most notably the mayor and pharmacist "Samer Issa and personalities working in the civil field in the city of Jeroud, went out this afternoon to the thermal station to meet the delegation of the regime," without giving details of the topics to be discussed. Sources within the city confirmed that the purpose of the meeting is to negotiate for the opening of commercial routes and humanitarian crossings.

The Syrian regime and its foreign militias (Iraqi and Lebanese) tightened the siege on the cities of Jeroud and Rahiba, in addition to the town of Nasiriyah and the areas of Jabal al-Nafi'i and Zubaydah, following the progress on IS organization and expulsion it from the areas extending from al-Mahasa to the southeast of the villages.

A special source for ElDorar network- preferred not to be named for security reasons – said that it is likely that the delegation of the dignitaries of Jeroud to reach an agreement with the Syrian regime during the first meeting, considering that the regime is not ready to enter into any negotiations at the moment, especially as the areas have been newly besieged, The factions at the height of their strength, and were not subjected to any depletion, noting that the factions increased their military readiness to thwart any sudden military operations would be launched by the Assad forces.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime launched at dawn on Thursday a battle under the name of "Big Dawn", and was able to control the approximately 1500 km square in the eastern desert of Syria, had been held by IS organization earlier.




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