ElDorar AlShamia publishes horrific testimonies about Assad regime’s atrocities in its prisons

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 May, 2017

Many atrocities committed by the security and intelligence forces of the Syrian regime, it neither starts nor ends as the US State Department revealed the Assad regime established a crematorium in Sidnaya prison in the countryside of Damascus, in order to murder the detainees.

ElDorar network documented the testimonies of a number of detainees who had been survived these "human slaughterhouses" after spending more than a year and a half.

The testimonies of three male detainees and two females are relied on in the investigation, all of whom were students, by coding their names for social or security reasons. The information was obtained either by telephone or by direct contact.

Air Force Intelligence of Damascus

The Air Force Intelligence Branch in Damascus consists of the General Directorate, located in the Al-Qassa'a area, the al-Mezzeh military branch, and the Air Force Command.

According to the testimony of the former detainee (W.A), the public administration is considered the worst among the air intelligence departments, because of the intense torture inside and the absence of any means of health care.

The torture is divided into psychological and physical, where the former sometimes is more cruelty than the latter. The detainees are crowded in cramped cells. The section contains two collective cells, each of which has 30 detainees. Bringing about 120 detainees inside, and placing 6 detainees in each solitary cell which are 42 cells in the branch.

It is a form of psychological torture that the prisoner is told that his or her family's house has been broken into his \her family members were kidnapped or murdered, and that the jailers daily pick 6 or 7 detainees and dig them into dirt pits and place them blindfolded. They are told not to speak any word under murder, They will be killed on a rotating basis and buried by digging. After that, a shot will be fired every hour, which makes the detainee thinks that his colleague has been shot and awaiting his fate, which caused many detainees not to bear, which led to their loss of their mind.

"The torture begins by pouring boiling water droplets into the foot as the prisoners were hanged, leaving the foot burns without dressing, and the process is in reverse, known as the position of the crow, where the arms are dragged from the bottom up until they reach the back of the head, The detainee is left hanging for many hours, often breaking the shoulder bone. The detainees are also beaten with a metal rod on the head 20 or 50 strokes, as well as severe beatings until the limbs are broken. The detainee is also soaked in cold water in the winter for up to 18 hours, This operation is after midnight.

The number of deaths in the General Directorate of the Air Force Intelligence caused by at least three cases, mostly due to the loss of health care. The wounds and scars are left to be rotted and the injured people usually die. The cells are underground cellars of about 5 meters, The limbs are often amputated for those who survive.

Among the pictures of torture inside the mentioned branch, the genitalia are electrocuted until they are completely burned, and beaten with iron rods until fainting.

Inside the branch there are young detainees, between the ages of 13 and 15 years, who are tortured like the rest.

The person who is responsible for the torture is called "Muntajab Abu Muhammad," who roams inside the cells and orders the other soldiers using very bad insulting words confirms that these prisons were established to fill  in and humiliate the Sunni youth.

The al-Mezzeh military branch of the Air Force Intelligence also has approximately 5,500 detainees, divided into cells, every 60 persons in a cell with a capacity of only 16, and individuals with 16 persons in it. The aircraft hangars were also closed and became places of detention ,and contain approximately 5,500 detainees.

Branch 215 (the raid detachment)

It is considered one of the most dangerous security branches and the most torturing of detainees. It is affiliated to the Military Intelligence Division. It is located in Kafarsousa area in the capital Damascus. It is a 6-story building and cellars containing approximately 26 cells and 35 solitary rooms.

According to human rights reports, the branch of 215 is one of the most branches where the prisoners die, and at a rate up to 17 cases a day in some cases, and estimated the total number of deaths inside it since 2011 by 11500 cases.

According to the testimony given by the former detainee (A.H.) to ElDorar network, sexual assault is one of the worst punishments carried out by the prison warders. The attacks are carried out on minors detained with their families between the ages of 11 and 15, they are driven to be investigated to the branch manager on the sixth floor and are raped.

The former female detainee (ZR), a university student arrested in early 2012 during a sit-in in the capital Damascus, recounts that the rape of women takes place on the top floor of the interrogation room. Sometimes the matter is ordered collectively by the interrogators. They are naked for up to 3 days sometimes with severe beatings, supervised by a 60-year-old who has no rank in his military uniform.

Back to (A.H.) early 2014, approximately 65 detainees were murdered at one time by means of injecting materials that led to death. The bodies are collected every week or less and transported to mass graves. Known to prisoners.

The methods of torture inside the branch range from the removal of nails, beating the hammers to the head, inserting glass bottles inside the anus until they rupture, in addition to incineration, starvation to death, and often death due to wound ulcers and no treatment. Loss of mind due to severe beatings on the head, where the detainee leaves life after about two weeks of losing his mind and entering the hallucination.

The detainees are held in cells of no more than three meters by three meters, with about 75 persons or more.


Air Force Intelligence in Hama

The former detainee (MA) recounts the experience of his arrest to ElDorar within the air force intelligence branch in Hama city, which includes more than 2000 detainees, including 200 women.

They said they heard the voices of women during rape and torture, and they begged the jailers to release them or stop torturing them and continue to torture men only to no avail.

The methods of torture range from severe beatings, leaving the detainee's wounds to rot, intentional organ breakings, burning of the protective skin, entering embers into the anus, burning the genitals, and tapping the nails, uprooting them and burning with boiled water.

According to the detainee, during his period of detention ,for more than 10 months, several detainees died of broken chest and difficulty breathing, as well as death from rotting wounds.