Will the Syrian regime punish its Press’ reporters

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 25 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Justice Minister of the Syrian regime approved a decision to follow up and prosecute officials in the official and non-official media loyal to it, who deal with subjects about the practices of the regime and its militias in areas under the regime's authority.

The Minister of Justice, Hisham Al-Sha'ar, approved the proposal of Prime Minister Emad Khamis, which includes a detailed memorandum on the contents of the media and the media working in the official circles, issues and topics that contribute to "weakening the prestige of the state and national belonging" according to the bill.

Al-Sha'ar ordered this decision to be distributed to the ministries of the regime in order to provide them with the press materials through which the regime was targeted in order to deal with them in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Such an order is a formal threat to official media personnel who published abuses committed by some military and security officials, as well as Assad's "robbery, kidnapping and murder" practices.

The Ministry of Information in the government of the Syrian regime has issued a decision earlier to stop the correspondent of the pro Hezbollah channel in Syria, "Reda Pasha" for revealing the circumstances of the "theft of civilians and their homes" "defamation" practiced by the so-called al-Nemer militias and the Assad Army in different parts of Aleppo, some of the security branches began to chase him, which forced him to return to Lebanese territory and hide there.

Basha mentioned in one of his reports that the thefts in Aleppo exceeded all borders, until it reached the level of killing. After controlling the industrial area of ​​Ramousa, the popular committees prevented the owners of factories from entering the area, and those who tried to enter stole everything they had. Some militias also killed the guards of some factories before stealing and looting. "





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