Assad regime seeks to secure a land line linking #Iran with #Lebanon, a FSA Commander says

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 22 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The commander of FSA’s “Osoud al-Sharqiya” "(Talas Salameh - Abu Faisal) said that the Syrian regime's goal of its attempts in making progress in the Syrian desert on the Syrian-Jordanian borderarea in spite of the air strike hit the Iraqi militias supported the regime in the battle to reach the border crossing (Tanef) on the Syrian-Iraqi borderline.

"The Syrian regime continues to bring military reinforcements from the Iraqi and Iranian militias to the areas of “Sabe’ Biar and Zaza” towns in order to open a road linking Iran with Lebanon in order to control the strategic triangle of Zaza on the Baghdad-Damascus highway," Abu Faisal said. “It is a part of a deal with the Russians to ensure control over the oil wells of Deir al-Zour” Abu Faisal added.

Abu-Faisal said the regime had used the "de-escalation zones" agreement in Astana to withdraw its forces and push them to the Syrian Badia to participate with the Iraqi, Iranian and Hezbollah militias to control the area and open a road route from Iran to Iraq via Syria to Lebanon.

“The reason for the rapid movement of the regime in the region was caused by the fear of the presence of US forces at the Tanef crossing base - with the army of the Revolutionary Commandos, so they wanted to take a proactive step." the commander illustrated.

"We have information that there is an Iranian-Russian agreement with the regime to secure the Damascus-Baghdad highway, to create a landline for Iran; securing the movement of Iraqi and Lebanese militias via Damascus to Beirut, in exchange for Russian advance towards Deir al-Zour to control the oil wells. Tas well as each of Russian forces with Assad’s to advance towards the city of Palmyra via Sokhna to open a road to Deir Al-Zour, in a feverish race to reach this city before the Americans. " Abu Faisal added.

On the role of the FSA factions in such operations, Abu Faisal said: "The Free Army in the region -represented in the forces of the martyr Ahmed Abdo, the guerrillas of the revolution at the al-Tanef base and Osoud al-Sharqiya- are doing their best to prevent this issue. To cut the expansion of the regime, which planned for a range of 160 km prgress, they only did 60 kilometers. "

"There are no foreign crowds on the Jordanian-Syrian border except those in the al-Tanef base," the commander said, expressing concern about the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border, which is now under the control of the commando forces. And the coalition forces in al-Tanef, but there are Iraqi crowds on the Alwaleed crossing point (as it is called in Iraq and Tanef in Syria), and what we fear is to open this road, which will lead to fears for the security of the Jordanian and Saudi borders. "

It should be noted that the International Coalition had carried out an air strike on the 18th of this month targeting the Syrian forces and forces in the Shahma area on the Syrian border with Jordan, which led to the destruction of a tank and a military bulldozer, followed by the withdrawal of Assad forces from the region, which was trying to expand towards al-Tanef crossing..





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