Thuwar #Raqqa imposes a condition to return to the "Euphrates Wrath"

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The FSA’s Thuwar #Raqqa brigade imposed a condition on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to return and operate in the battle for control of Raqqa, and the expulsion of IS organization.

A meeting was held yesterday with the leadership of the brigade and the leaders of SDF, where it agreed to return to the battle of "Euphrates Wrath" provided that its role is to be essential in the battle and not a secondary role to promote the "Syrian Democratic Forces" and Brigadier General "Hossam Awak" promises the brigade that its role will be essential, especially in the civil and humanitarian affairs, according to media sources.

The sources pointed out that at the end of the meeting the brigade of Thuwar #Raqqa began to equip its forces, and sent the first convoy of troops led by "Abdullah al-Helu" towards the city of Raqqa.

The brigade of Thuwar #Raqqa, most of its members of Raqqa city and its villages who were forced to depart the city, declared their participation in the "Euphrates Wrath" operation is due to the marginalization of the brigade's role in the fighting or the administration of the villages under control,which elaborated quarrels against the other parties ended by suspending the brigade for its military actions..





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