We refuse to discuss a constitution drafted in Moscow and Tehran, al-Muslet says

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The spokesperson of the High Negotiations Commission (HNC), Saem al-Muslet, on Thursday, rejected the new draft constitution proposed by Russia, stressing that the basic requirement is to achieve a political transition.

The UN envoy to Syria and mediator at the Geneva talks, Staffan de Mistura, withdrew his proposal to discuss the "Russian Constitution" without explaining the reasons for it.

Al-Jazeera said it had obtained a copy of the de Mistura initiative, which provided for the absence of any constitutional or legal vacuum at any stage of transition. The mechanism should be headed by the Office of the International Envoy, with experts as well as legal experts nominated by the negotiating parties in Geneva.

"The Syrian people do not want to discuss constitutions written in Tehran and Moscow," he told Anadolu news agency.

He noted that HNC  discussed in a special meeting the De Mistura paper on the Constitution "and is preparing a response after an in-depth study, we must be careful about every word contained therein."

"The delegation of the revolutionary forces and the Syrian opposition are surprised by this paper, which de Mistura did not inform us in advance, and if we had been told before, we would not have come here (Geneva) and responded with a short time," he said.

On the Geneva 6 negotiations, al-Muslet pointed out that "the current round extends for 4 days, and this is a short period and does not suffice for a full review of such a paper relating to the constitution, which needs further explanation."

He said that "the search for a permanent constitution for Syria has a place other than Geneva (not specified), and we do not want or accept an agreement under the umbrella of Iran and Russia."

The delegation of the Syrian Revolution forces in Astana refused to discuss the new constitution, stressing that it is a Russian attempt to circumvent the basic requirement of political transition and the removal of Assad.

Later on, the bloc of military factions within the Syrian High Negotiations Commission suspend their participation in the Geneva talks because of the lack of clarity of reference and the absence of a clear negotiating strategy.





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