Homs Clock Tower monument in the refugee camps northern #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The refugees of the al-Wa'er neighborhood in the refugee camps in northern Syria on the Turkish border have set a memorial monument for "Homs Clock Tower" confirming to hold their city, which they were forced to leave due to the siege imposed by the Syrian regime.

Homs Clock Tower is located in the old Homs district in the center of Freedom Square ,one of the most important features of the city and its symbolism to the demonstrators as it witnessed the first peaceful sit-in in the Syrian revolution on 17/4/2011.

Many models have been designed of the tower, including what was erected in  Homs, in the non-regime held areas when it becomes impossible  for the revolutionaries to get to the original one, including what was raised in other cities such as the city of Aleppo, in confirmation of the blood link between the two cities and in honor of Homs province.

It is worth mentioning that nine convoys from the residents of al-Wa'er neighborhood have so far come out of the city under an agreement held between the Syrian regime and representatives of the neighborhood. Seven batches went to the northern countryside of Aleppo, while two went to Idlib's camps.


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