Our Forces Resume to defend the neighborhoods of Qaboun and Teshrin, Jaish al-Islam says

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 May, 2017
Destruction in the neighborhood of Qaboun by aerial bombardment

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jaish al-Islam denied in a statement to held any agreement with the Assad regime on the withdrawal from the neighborhoods of Qaboun and Teshrin in the Syrian capital Damascus, although "some of the people of the region communicate with the regime and try to convince some people in the neighborhood to reconciliate.

Its fighters would continue driving off the Assad forces, despite launching a comprehensive war and following the policy of the scorched earth and imposing a suffocating siege, Jaish al-Islam confirmed.

On the recording said to be one of the members of Jaish al-Islam involved in communicating with the Assad regime, the statement confirmed that he will be sent to the judiciary if it is true.

On Saturday, the "Martyrs of Jabal al-Zawiya" faction left Teshrin neighborhood towards Barzeh neighborhood to leave to the north of Syria.

The forced displacement of the people of Barzeh and Teshrin cdistricts ontinues. Today, the second group of displaced persons arrived in Idlib, northwestern Syria.



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