Bashar al-Assad illustrates his own vision of the "De-escalation Zones"

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 12 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Bashar Al-Assad said that the " De-escalation Zones" signed by Russia were an opportunity for the revolutionary factions to "reconcile" with its regime, describing the Geneva negotiations as futile and promising to continue the war against the "terrorists".

Assad said in an interview of a Belarus television channel on Thursday that his forces will protect areas of reducing the escalation with the support of the Iranian militias and Hezbollah.

"The main objective is to give the opportunity for all those who want from the insurgents to reconcile with the state, as happened in other areas, so that the easing of hostilities in these areas is an opportunity to settle their situation with the state; handing over weapons for forgiveness  , ِAssad added.

He denied that the agreement came as a result of the feeling of his regime and its allies of the inability to resolve the Syrian crisis militarily, saying: "I am not tired," and vowed to continue the war on "terrorists."

It is noteworthy that both the Syrian regime and the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition are not party of the agreement of " De-escalation Zones " signed by Russia with Turkey and Iran as guarantors.