The evacuating of Barzeh neighborhood residents to northern Syria has paused

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 May, 2017
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ElDorar AlShamia:

The process of evacuating and disarming the fighters of Barzeh district of Damascus with their families towards northern Syria has stopped on Thursday because the Syrian regime did not abide by the terms it signed on.

The process of moving the second batch of the district residents was stopped after the Syrian regime did not comply with the release of 12 women and two young people from the neighborhood who had been arrested during the battles in Barzeh orchards, ElDorar’s correspondent reported.

The correspondent pointed out that the agreement held  between representatives of the residents of the neighborhood and the Syrian regime was to evacuate 8,000 people in several batches and the first one to start Monday of 1500 people.

The agreement between the residents of the neighborhood and the Syrian regime included the commitment of the latter to release all the detainees after the first batch come out and then the second batch to come out.

It is noteworthy that the neighborhood of Barzeh is one of the first areas that have been reconciled with the Syrian regime and includes 40 thousand civilians and was subjected to siege three months ago.


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