Taxes and royalties imposed by the Syrian regime and the PYD on Afrin

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Syrian regime, through its security services and the Democratic Union Party (PYD),have imposed taxes and royalties on Kurdish citizens in the northern city of Aleppo and the Kurdish traders wishing to import goods coming from the sea and from other governorates.

This has began since 2014 after the PYD extended its military and security grip on the Kurdish areas, but the number of taxes is increasing to include many aspects of life and includes farmers as well, according to identical source.

The sources pointed out that by 2014 PYD began to impose a symbolic tax under the name of "support self-management"; where the owners of olive presses have to pay tax of 500 Syrian pounds a year, in addition to the amount of five thousand pounds each resident in Afrin should pay and a thousand pounds per inhabited house, adding that it evolves to include taxes payable on every olive tree planted in 2015.

PYD continued in this manner in the imposition of taxes and royalties and expanded to include shops and traders traveling between markets and farmers and owners of workshops and handicrafts until the beginning of 2016, pointing out that as the Syrian regime got the villages of "Nubul and Zahra" and the road between Aleppo city and Afrin has been opened the regime made a partnership with the PYD for the establishment of checkpoints and points to make customs on goods, the most recent of which was the imposition of one million to two million Syrian pounds on each cargo truck coming from Homs or Tartous port to Afrin, which led to a big increase of materials’ prices in general, especially those imported.

It is noteworthy that the royalties imposed by the militia on the citizens not only concentrated in the city of Afrin, but expanded to include all the Kurdish areas controlled by PYD in Qamishli , Ain al-Arab , Hasakah and its countryside.


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