Forced Displacement waits for Barzah’s Residents

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Most of the people of Barzah district ,Damascus have prepared to leave in the form of convoys from the neighborhood to the north of Syria, as part of the policy of forced displacement has being carried out by the Syrian regime against the under siege areas

An agreement has been held between the committee charged with the residents of the neighborhood and the Syrian regime represented by the officers of the Republican Guard, and that the fighters will leave the rebels with their families, in addition to the civilians wishing to the governorate of Idlib and the city of Jarablus north of Aleppo. The batch, likely to leave on Monday, is about 1,500, including 500 fighters, and the number is likely to increase further in the same batch, ElDorar’s correspondent reported.

The correspondent pointed out that so far no fighter has settled his position with the regime given a six-months period to set that despite the latter's calls for that, pointing out that most of the first batch will be from the sons of Idlib and neighborhoods of Salhiya and Rekn al-Din of Damascus.

ElDorar’s correspondent added that the preliminary information says that the regime has given six months to those wishing to stay in the neighborhood to settle their situation and join the army or the supporting militias.

The neighborhood has witnessed a military campaign launched by the Syrian regime with the support of national defense militias that began at the end of December 2016 despite the signed truce that the regime did not abide by.

It is noteworthy that the neighborhood of Barzah contains about 40 thousand civilians at least from the neighborhood, and civilians displaced from the areas of the eastern Ghouta and other areas of the Damascene countryside.


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