Morocco rejects Categorically allowing the Syrian refugees stranded on its borders to enter

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 6 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Rabat categorically rejected all calls to receive dozens of Syrian refugees - including children and women -stranded on its border, whom Algeria had expelled for nearly two weeks.

Morocco again claimed in a statement the Algeria’s responsibility of about 50 Syrians stuck on the border between the two countries, stressing their refusal to settle their situation.

"They have crossed the Algerian territory without being opposed by the authorities of this country, and therefore, the responsibility lies on Algeria," the minister in charge of immigration, Abdelkrim Ben Atiq, said Friday.

"The border with Algeria has been closed since 1994, but if we encourage people to come across closed borders, the situation will get out of control and we will be threatened widely" he added.

On April 22, Moroccan authorities accused Algeria of deporting a group of 55 Syrians, including women and children, "in a very precarious situation" towards the kingdom's borders to "instigate unrest at the Moroccan-Algerian border" and " "If there are cases of vulnerability and family reunification, we are ready to speak but via \ the usual channels in our embassies and consulates, eather in Tunisia or Turkey.".


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