The military Operations in Eastern Ghouta against HTS End Up ,Jaish al-Islam announces

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jaish al-Islam announced on Friday morning the end of its military operation in the Eastern Ghouta area in Rif Dimashq had launched earlier against "Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham" HTS.

The operation launched to undermine the organization’s repeated excesses and agression acts against the other refolutionary factions’s fighters and their reinforcement convoys seizing their headquarters and weapons" the army said in a statement issued by the General Command adding that it has done most of its goals,

The statement asserted that the decision to end the operation came as a result of the army's keenness on the interest of civilians and in response to the calls of revolutionary institutions and events led by the Syrian Islamic Council, in addition to prevent any clashes with other factions.

Jaish al-Islam calls on  the military factions in Gouta for "pursuing the remnants of this organization within their sectors so as not to allow corruption to be again in Ghouta," according to the text of the statement.

It is noteworthy that violent clashes in Al-Ghouta erupted during the last week between Jaish al-Islam vs HTS in several cities and towns, the last of which was the city of Arbain; where the army announced the end of the presence of former "Jabhat al-Nasra" HTS.

It is noteworthy that al-Jaish announced on April 30 to launch a crackdown  to eliminate  the faction of HTS in the eastern Ghouta and bring its leaders to trials  and end what he described as "the intruder thought that dragged the Syrian revolution into woes and the cause of a lot of losses," according to the statement.


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