The Syrian regime’s Losses of #Hama and its air force avenging of civilians

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 May, 2017
parachute missiles falling on the villages of Hama countryside #ElDorar_Lens

ElDorar AlShamia:

Revolutionary factions inflicted losses on the Syrian regime forces in the province of Hama on Tuesday, and as usual, its aircraft carried out raids on residential compounds, causing civilian casualties.

Central-division managed to kill seven soldiers of the Assad forces and seized weapons and ammunition following an infiltration of the military point of Zlin. Jaysh al-Naser also destroyed a tank , an armored vehicle and a BMP near the al-Masasna checkpoint in the northern countryside of Hama, ElDorar’s correspondent confirmed.

Helicopter dropped barrel bombs on Latamna and Kafarzita, killing six people and injuring other five from one family in Latamna.

Jaysh al-Ezza had previously published statistics showing the loss of the Assad forces and the allied Iranian ,Iraqi and Afghan militias to 300militants, in addition to more than 25 military vehicles.

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Assad regime’s 40-days Losses in the countryside of Hama, Jaysh al-Ezza reveals