Assad regime’s 40-days Losses in the countryside of Hama, Jaysh al-Ezza reveals

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jaysh al-Ezza operating in the northern countryside of Hama, revealed the losses of the Syrian regime and the militias that supports it during the second phase of the battle "in the name of God we go" which started on 22/3/2017.

The death toll of the regime and its Iranian, Afghan and Iraqi militias had exceeded 300 militants including officers and servicemen as well as more than 25 military vehicles were destroyed as a result of targeting them with anti-tank missiles Jaysh al-Ezza reported.

Al-Ezza posted the losses the regime and its allies incurred in details in a "infographic" as follows:

"11 T72 tanks, two T90s, a BMP vehicle, a rocket launcher, a 37-caliber cannon, a 23-caliber and a 57-caliber heavy artillery, and two Cornet missile bases, four Pickup vehicles and a 14.5 caliber machine gun were also destroyed.

The frontlines of the northern Hama countryside have seen ongoing battles since the start of the second stage of the battle, ranging from defensive and offensive battles. The regime, supported by Russian aviation, is trying to advance on the frontlines of the revolutionary factions.

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