Medical Office:the Syrian regime’s Statement to the Security Council poses a threat to us

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 May, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Medical Office of Douma of the Specialist Hospital in Eastern Ghouta commented  on Monday on the statement sent by the Syrian regime to the Security Council, which contains serious inaccuracies affecting the medical artery in Eastern Ghouta area.

The Office stated in its statement that it "received with great surprise the statement of the Syrian regime to the Security Council, which was addressed by the regime’s envoy on 19/4/2017, which contains serious inaccuracies affecting the medical artery, which is providing medical services to the population, and provides health care for them in this besieged town, despite these centers are considered independent from any military or political entity, and their goal is strictly humanitarian. They are operated and monitored by well-known global support organizations such as: SAMS - NORWAC, UNFPA - MSF and others ... "

The statement pointed out that the regime’s statement involves two things. The first is "a latent threat to a medical center responsible for the provision of health care for women and children, which receives the support and guidance of the United Nations", and accuses the Douma National Hospital of being a center for the manufacture of chemical weapons but the hospital was turned into ruble as it was targeted by the regime’s rockets. "

The Office concluded asking the United Nations and human rights organizations to enter the eastern Ghouta and to uncover all medical centers to ascertain the extent of the medical suffering and to refute the allegations made in the Syrian regime statement to the Security Council.