Dozens of dead and wounded in #Idlib province on Thursday

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 27 April, 2017
Syria Russian aggression on Syria
civilian victims in the countryside of Idlib - #ElDorar_Lens

ElDorar AlShamia:

The air raids carried out by the Syrian regime aircraft on different parts of Idlib province in northern Syria caused the death and wounding of dozens of civilians on Thursday, including members of a medical team.

7 Dead and 10 wounded in the aerial bombardment on Ma’arshourin. Four members of the Shamona medical team were killed as a result of the shelling on Ma’arzita. Four people were killed in direct bombardment of the university hospital in the town of Deir Sharqi, ElDorar’s correspondent confirmed.

It is noteworthy that the warplanes of the Syrian regime and Russia targeted more than 10 hospitals in less than a month in the province of Idlib, most notably Kafr Takharim, and the National hospital of Ma’arat al-Numan, and the University Hospital in Deir Sharqi.