Bloody day in #Idlib Claimes the lives of civilians and medical personnel

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 27 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Syrian and Russian military aircraft launched Thursday more than 25 air strikes targeting several civilian areas in rural Idlib in addition to targeting the hospitals and the medical teams.

Air strikes targeted the university hospital in Deir Sharqi area southern countryside of Idlib, killing 4 people and injuring 11 others, ElDorar’s correspondent reported.

Another air strikes were launched on the village of Marzita and its ambulance system, known as "Shamona" southern Idlib countryside, killing seven people, including four of the emergency ambulance system.

The countryside today witnessed heavy shelling targeting most areas of Idlib, but the bombing concentrated in the above mentioned areas and the town of Ma’arhourin, where five people, including children and women, were killed and two people were killed in the outskirts of Nayrab, Sarmin and Kafr Sjana, in which a child was killed.

It is noteworthy that most of airstrikes focused in rural Idlib on the medical centers and field hospitals in order to get out of service and to cause the as largest as possible number of civilian casualties, so that they targeted this month five hospitals.

ElDorar AlShamia Editor