‘YPG’ Demands ‘international coalition’ intervene to stop Turkish bombing

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:
‘Kurdish people's protection units’ demand ‘international coalition forces’ with the leadership of Washington to intervene to stop the Turkish bombing on their positions in northern Syria after Turkish raids on Afrin on northern Aleppo countryside on Tuesday.
"We call on the international coalition to intervene to stop these Turkish violations Considering that" it is not possible to fight in Raqqa while Turkish air strikes are targeting us”AFP the ‘French Press Agency’ quoted from  a leader in YPG.
We need more safeguards from coalition forces to get a clear position so we can complete the process at Raqqa without being targeted from behind us.
“This insidious attack cannot be tolerated, We have the right to defend ourselves and ‘the Alliance’ has a great responsibility, must do its duty to protect the region and we are partners in fighting against ISIS” The agency quoted the spokesman of ‘the People's Protection Units’ Redor Khalil.
A US military official of the International Coalition visited the targeted location yesterday with leaders of the militia, and ‘Washington’ expressed concern over Turkish raids.
Saying that “Ankara did not get approval from the coalition before the attack”.