Signs of rebellion in Pro-Assad city of Tartous

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 26 April, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

Bloody clashes broke out in the pro Assad regime city of Tartous on Tuesday as young people wanted for compulsory service clashed with military police forces what resulted in a number of wounded including university students.

A Number of students at the Faculty of Literature were shot during the clashes that occurred according to pro Syrian regime media sources, while some pages on Facebook tried to publish a different version of the story claiming that the campaign was against criminals.

‘Al-Khabar television’ loyal to the  ‘Syrian regime’ quoted confirmed sources that the military police of the regime ambushed young men who attended a football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid at a public place in the city and arrested about 250 young people to recruit them in the ranks of the Assad forces.

Tartous has paid a high cost to protect the ‘Syrian regime’.

The Syrian regime’s newspaper of Al-Baath newspaper reported a year ago confirming that there was almost no family left in the province of Tartous which has a population of around 800 thousand person, without loosing one of its sons as a volunteer in the ‘Assad forces’.

Several based-on-witnesses reports from inside the province confirmed that the death toll of the regime's army and the allied militias those who are from Tartous province has increased to 40,000 during the last six years.

The funeral ceremonies of the deads among ‘Assad forces’ in the province of Tartous have become a mass daily basis and they are usually been transferred from the fronts of Hama, Tadmur and Ghouta towards their hometown and walls in the province are full of death flyers of the regimes servicemen and officers as well  .