Considerable losses for Assad's forces in the battle of "Death Rather than Humiliation"

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 23 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Assad forces suffered heavy losses in their officers, servicemen and military equipment during the battle of "Death rather than Humiliation" which began on 21 February, and announced by the operations room of the “al-Bonyan al-Marsous”,Daraa.

There were shocking numbers of casualties, with a death toll of 232, including officers and other servicemen as well as officers and soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, the operations room revealed.

Al-Bonyan al-Marsous media office reported that 155 soldiers of the Assad’s forces were killed during the battle and 46 lieutenant officers, 8 captain , 3 major, 3 lieutenant colonel, 4 colonel, 3 brigadier general, 9 Hezbollah’s militias and one IRGC fighter and another one was captured .

The results of the battle to control of 600 blocks and 14 strategic barriers in addition to the destruction of 30 tunnels , 8 tanks and 7 vehicles Shilka , two tanks , two reconnaissance aircraft and anti-aircraft launcher caliber 23 as well as two "Fil" launchers.

The battle of "Death rather than Humiliation" was concentrated in the strategic district of Manshiyah, where large parts of the distict were controlled. The battle is important and strategic because it blocks the efforts of the Syrian regime to return to Nisib border crossing with Jordan and activate its work economically and politically.