Assad’s Forces in #Hama suffer Heavy Losses

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 23 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Assad forces suffered heavy losses in their military vehicles and troops by the factions of the Free Syrian Army in the countryside of Hama on Saturday.

Each of Jaysh al-Ezzah, Jaysh al-Naser and Jaysh Idlib were able to destroy and damage about five military vehicles, as well as the destruction of two rocket launchers and the killing of dozens of servicemen. Jaysh al-Ezzah announced the destruction of the T72 tank on the front line of Ghorbal and another tank of the same model in Rahbat Khattab, targeting three pick-up vehicles carrying soldiers on the front line of “al-Webbda” , killing and wounding troops inside and destroying their vehicles.

For its part, Jaysh al-Naser announced to regain of control of the village of Sansahar south of Halfaya and the destruction of two missiles launchers of "Corinth" at the barrier of Maddjn and the Webbeda, and Idlib's free army, which deployed on the fronts of the countryside of Hama destroyed a tank T90, which is the latest Russian tanks model brought by the regime to participate in its war against the rebels.

It should be noted that the Assad forces, supported by the Russian air force, are trying to regain the villages captured by the military factions during the Battle of Hama, but the latter despite the heavy shelling still controls many areas and prevent any progress to the Assad forces, especially on the fronts of Halfaya, Jiburin and Taybat al-Imam.