The Syrian regime and Iran Manipulating the implementation of the Zabadani-Foua agreement’s provisions

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 April, 2017
Detainees were released from the prisons of the regime under the Zabadani-Foua agreement

The exchanging process between the Zabadani and Madaya suburbs in Damascus and each of Foua and Kafriya militants with their families resumed on Friday within the framework of what is known as the "Four Cities Agreement" or the "Zabadani-Foua Agreement".

550 People of Zabadani and Madaya arrived at the liberated northern Syria, in return for the entry of 3,000 people from Foua and Kafriya, according to ElDorar’s correspondent.

Violation of the number of gunmen

According to the ElDorar’s well-known sources of the implementation’s terms of the agreement, the items include to leave 8,000 people from Foua  and Kafriya in two batches, including the 2000 fighters of Hezbollah militias and Shiite militias supporting the Syrian regime, noting that such condition Hhas been set not to allow the Iranian party, which took over the negotiating process, to keep the militants inside the two cities and let the civilians leave.

650 Militants were released in the first batch out of 5,000, as part of the batch that crossed today to the areas of the regime-held in Aleppo, the number of 3,000, only about 500 gunmen, which means that the Iranian side reduced the number of militants from 2000 to 1150 only , most of them are from the sub-armament popular committees, while the fully trained and armed forces remained at the town, the sources confirmed.

According to estimates obtained by ElDorar network quoting military sources in Jaysh al-Fateh , the total number of the remaining fighters of Foua and Kafriya belonging to Hezbollah and the militias allied to the Syrian regime are about 2850 fighters.

The sources expressed concern that Iran intends to keep the largest number of militants and to allow civilians to leave, in preparation for non-commitment to carry out the rest of the evacuation, to take advantage of the remaining militants in any possible military action on the province of Idlib.