"Alloush" Addresses the "Alawite sect" of #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The head of the delegation of the military revolution forces, "Mohammed Alloush" addressed the "Alawite" sect in Syria, and gave estimates of the death toll of the community and the allied militia of the Lebanese Hezbollah, during the last six years of the Syrian revolution.

The statements of "Alloush" came as comments via his Twitter account, on a report published by the Italian news agency of "Aki", quoting from Russian sources, that the number of Alawite deaths in Syria, 150 thousand, only affiliated to the national defense and security branches, without the army forces, Hezbollah’s deaths 7,000 militants, as Alloush suggested the reported death toll to be doubled.

"The Alawite community must recalculate and ask after half of its youth sacrificed to Bashar: Is Bashar is the real guarantee for them or the homeland would be? . Are  not you adults men? he called on "Alawites.

The media man and writer of the Syrian regime, "Sharif Shehadeh" admitted in 2013 that the death toll of the army of the regime and the allied militias exceeded 100 thousand dead.