Figures by Jaysh al-Naser of statistics of the missile campaign on #Hama airfield

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 April, 2017
ElDorar AlShamia Editor

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jaysh al-Naser in a report published on Tuesday, revealed a significant loss of by military airbase of #Hama before returning to work in part, on Monday evening, because of a rocket attack launched over yesterday, threatening for more actions.

The report confirmed the destruction of a MiG-23 fighter, a MiG-21 and three L-39 warplanes, the burning of three ammunition depots and an aircraft fuel tank, the destruction of the control and guidance tower of the Iranian-control region.

The report also confirmed that the airbase works again but with incomplete readiness, and described the reports of emptying the airport of Hama from the Iranian militia and transferred to the train station fas alse rumors published by the Assad regime.

It promised more rocket attacks in response to the massacres committed by the Assad forces against the Syrian people.

Jaysh al-Naser is one of the factions of the Syrian Free Army and operating in the countryside of Hama, announced yesterday, the military airbase of Hama was completely out of service as a result of the Grad missile attacks.