Strong evidence of Assad regime involvement in a Blast kills dozens of Jaysh al-Islam and residents of Foua

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 April, 2017
Civil Defense Putting out fires in al-Rashedin - #ElDoar_Lens

ElDorar AlShamia:

The death toll from the blast hit group of Jaysh al-Fateh fighters accompanying the bus convoy  coming out of Foua and Kafariya climbed up to 52,dead in addition to dozens of wounded west of Aleppo.

30 Members of Jaysh al-Fateh have been killed at least in the attack, along with 22 people of Foua and Kafariya who are in al-Rashedin area in western Aleppo. In preparation for the exchange with the evacuated people of Madaya and Zabadani held by the Syrian regime.

Several cars carrying food entered from the Syrian regime-held areas of Aleppo, and 20 minutes after its arrival to the area where the Jaysh al-Fateh accompanaying group responsible for securing buses, a booby-trapped car balsted, stressing that no car could pass from the liberated areas towards al-Rashedin area because of the tight security procedures, according to Abu al-Abed, a leader of Jaysh al-Fateh remarked to ElDorar’s correspondent.

The swap process was halted for a whole day because of the violation of the agreement’s terms by the Iranian side and Hezbollah, where 1,300 militants are supposed  to take out with the first batch, but only 650 ones out of 5000 people were in the first batch.