Source: Lebanon opened Airspace to strike #Syria anger in the ranks of its army

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

Sources in the Lebanese army revealed the existence of a state of anger among the Lebanese army because of the opening of their country's airspace in front of US missiles to hit the Syrian military airbase of al-Shayrat.

The source said in statements to the Federal Agency for Russian news: that Israel and Lebanon opened their airspace to missiles, "Tomahawk" for America to enable them to fly over their territory and hit the airbase near Homs last week.

The source added: "Many individualas of the Lebanese army were angry at the explicit support of their country to the United States" according to the Russian news agency.

The source added that the American destroyers Porter and Ross, equipped with Aegis missile defense systems and missiles, "Tomahawk" winged with anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles, which directed Washington strikes from them, were present on 5 April, in Italian waters in the Sicilian region of the Mediterranean.

"On April 6, the two destroyers carried out a rapid and ambiguous movement and were spotted 40 miles south-east of Tel Aviv." At 3:26 (local time), the first group of Tomahawk rockets was launched, and at 3:48 am the second group  were launched as the airspace over Israel and Lebanon opened to pass the rockets. "

The Lebanese media expressed their fears that Lebanon would be affected by the recent escalation between the international and regional forces in Syria.

The Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar said in a report published Monday that "the level of danger facing Lebanon rises with the sharp and dangerous escalation in positions and statements between the United States on the one hand, and Russia and Iran on the other, because it will be as it was last Friday, Conflict between the two parties. "

According to the newspaper, Lebanon witnessed the dawn of Friday, a test passed peacefully, did not feel, as the 59 rockets passed over the coast and the Lebanese airspace, towards the Syrian airbase of Shayrat.

"If the threats between the conflicting parties are put into effect and the US Navy return for the Lebanese coast and airspace to pass the Tomahawk missiles towards locations in Syria, Lebanon will certainly be affected by these dangerous developments."

An-Nahar quoted an Arab and European media participant in the Geneva meeting, led by UN envoy Stefan de Mistura, as saying that the Russian liaison officer Alexander Zorin, who is participating as a Russian military representative in the group meetings, mentioned information about Lebanon and questioned about the passage of American missiles twice in its airspace. Saying in the meeting whether the United States had asked permission in advance from the country in which the missiles would fly.

The newspaper considered that this is a Russian message to Lebanon, the Lebanese authorities must look for such issue.

The United States launched a military attack on the Syrian regime in the early hours of Friday morning, US officials said: A Syrian air base was bombed with 59 rockets, in response to the chemical massacre that shocked Khan Sheikoun, rural Idlib, which killed dozens of civilians.