Relief Appeals & Security restrictions in the camp on the Jordanian border

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 10 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Tribes council of Palmyra and the Syrian Badia have tightened their security measures in Al-Rikban camp in the area between the northeastern Jordanian border and the Syrian border, amid appeals to the international community for refugee relief.

"The tribal council in the camp is investigating any new person entering the camp and verifying its identity through the investigative committee concerned with investigating new members of the local community," the deputy chairman of the Palmyra and Al Badia Tribal council (Muhammed Ahmad Derbas) said in order to ensure that there are no hard-line persons to protect Syrian refugees.

Derbas told Al-Ghad newspaper that the police office, which is run by the clan council elected by the local community in the camp, follows up and investigates every person entering the camp and those fleeing the fighting, in order to preserve the security of the camp and the safety of the refugees.

Derbas pointed out that there is joint coordination between the tribal council, the police office, the citizens inside the camp and competent authorities and parties to hand over the Islamists fleeing the fighting, and to make sure they are not in the camp to preserve the security and safety of the unarmed refugees.

The security measures came after the camp witnessed several explosions, which resulted in the death and wounding of dozens of displaced persons and military personnel, the latest of which was a motorcycle explosion belonging to IS organization last Saturday aimed at a car belonging to “Jaysh Osoud  al-Sharqya” pro-Jordan faction in the vicinity of the camp causing panic for refugees and security alert .


Appeals for the relief of the camp

On the other hand, the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Safia Ajlouni, appealed to the United Nations, international organizations and NATO to provide relief to the camp, demanding the dispatch of a medical helicopter and a qualified medical team permanently.

Ajlouni said, the UNHCR office in Jordan, took full responsibility for the relief of the camp, particularly in the circumstances of the recent bombings.


She called on the UN official "the Jordanian authorities to look with sympathy and compassion for the displaced in the camp" and the international organizations are blamed for anything happening in the camp.


It is noteworthy that the external coordination office in the "Tribal Council" stressed the difficulty of the health situation inside the camp, where diseases of diarrhea, jaundice and malnutrition spread, while recorded several cases of death among children due to lack of food and medicine, and the total number of camp residents about 75 thousand people.


Last June, the Jordanian authorities declared the border area a "closed military zone" following an attack by IS state organization that killed and wounded a number of Jordanian soldiers near the camp's embankment.