Human losses of the Assad forces in two days in #Daraa

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

ElDorar network counted the human losses of Assad forces in the Bonyan al-Marsous operations room’s battles during the last two days in al-Manshiya district of Daraa.

ElDorar’s correspondent said that the number of dead of the Assad forces exceeded 40 soldiers, including officers. However, 29 killed documented by name, rank and place of birth.

The correspondent pointed out that the dead officers were: Brig. Gen. Essam Taher Khaddour from Musayef ,Hama, Colonel Hussein Jawdat Kasih – of Damascus and Lieutenant Mohammed Issa Bakour - Daraa, Lieutenant Ja'far Ali Wassouf - Lattakia, Lieutenant Suleiman Hassan Ali - Qardaha, and Mufid Yasin Ibrahim , as for the elements of recruits and volunteers are:" Farid Jassim Al-Obeid - Saad Al-Din Ibrahim Laz - Hussein Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Qarabatiya - Mohammed Hussein - Taher Al Hashim - Yazen Mehanna - Ahmed Mustafa Jedid - Hamwa Ahmed al-Ali - Younis Mahmoud al-Basha - Mohammed Hamad al-Attiyah - Mu'ayyad Arafat - Suleiman Kurdi - Mahmoud Barakat - Omar al-Ali - Khaled Houboub - Jaafar Nazah - Faisal Issa - George Skaf - Hassan Qasim and Adel Suleiman.

The Operations room in the battle, "Death vs Humiliation", has made new progress on the Assad forces in Al-Manshiya district. Yesterday, they took control of Draga, Al-Banyat, Saloum, al-Syriatel, and 47 residential blocks, as well as destroying a tank there.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian regime and its militias have suffered significant loss of life and gears since the announcement of the battle "Death vs Humiliation" which began in February.