6 Facts clarifying Why Shaayrat airfield is Important to the Syrian regime and Russia

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The US Defense Department has confirmed that US missile strikes have damaged the air base of Shaayrat  and planes within, and Washington has expressed its willingness to do more.

ElDorar had a copy of a study prepared by the Movement for the Liberation of the Nation, a revolutionary political military movement operating in the province of Homs. The study includes information indicating the importance of Shaayrat air base for each of the Syrian regime and Iran.

The airfield is one of the most important air bases in terms of military and training purposes, and consists of  25% of the total force capacity of the Syrian air system, and is followed by the 22nd Air Division, one of the most important military teams.

The airport has Sukhoi, Mg 29 and other fighter jets, and is suitable for all types of aircraft, and has a length of 1,500 meters.

The airport has 40 hangars, most of them the Sukhoi bomber and the MiG-29 interceptor, recently received by the Syrian regime from Russia to boost its air defense capabilities.

Before the Russian intervention, Iran took a base from this airport, and increased its military reinforcements, because of its strategic location , and its role in supplying the Bragde of Shiite Reda, which was formed in the city of Homs, and to manage its operations in Syria and Iraq alike.

Soon after the Russian intervention, Moscow worked to prepare it to become a second Russian base in Syria, after its base in Hameimim, rural Latakia, and is currently confined to the Iranian presence on the pilots' hotel, where the residence of a number of Iranian officers, who issue military orders.

The airport has the largest Russian gas plant in the town of "Farkalis", and the protection of the laboratory is one of the most important tasks assigned to the airport located deep in the Syrian regime's popular incubator, and this is why it was not subjected to attacks by the former revolutionary factions.