Sheirat’s Human and Military Losses

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 April, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Media sources loyal to the Syrian regime and Facebook pages on social networking sites have admitted the deaths of the majority of officers in the American strike that targeted the military airfields of Sheirat in the countryside of Homs.

The sources revealed that the number of dead at the airport exceeded seven people, including five officers, a Brigadier General Khalil Issa Ibrahim, the first lieutenant, "Firas Hamoud, Issa Mohammed Ali, Fares Baiki and Ibrahim Mansour," pointing out that the Brigadier General was the commander of the second battalion in the brigade 136 air defense.

Sheirat Air Base’s importance

Sheirat air base is the military airfield in southern Homs as the main air base for the Syrian regime aircraft. Most of the flights are aimed at liberated areas under the control of the revolutionary factions. It also contains 40 cemented  hangars, MiG 23, 25 and Sukhoi 22 and 24, aircraft as well as Brigades and battalions . The 22nd Brigade also includes a mixed 50th AirBrigade, as well as one of the most important training camps in the Central Region, where most military shows and heavy and medium weapons training are conducted.


Tomahawk missiles hit Sheirat Airbase

The US military launched a number of 59 Tomahawk guided missiles on Friday, of the US Navy destroyers, according to the Pentagon. Media sources admitted that the missiles targeted the runway, hangars, fuel store and air defense building. To destroy them completely.

The Tomahawk missiles are capable of striking targets with high precision. The missile is flown at low air level to prevent radar from locating it. This model was first used in the 1991 Desert Storm operation of $ 832,000, 5 to 6 meters, capable of flying up to 1600 km and at a speed of up to 900 km per hour.

It should be noted that the pro-Facebook pages published images of the strange figures believed to be the remnants of Tomahawk, said it fell in the village of Karto in rural Tartus.

It is noteworthy that the warplane that targeted the city of Khan Sheikun, in rural Idlib on the fourth of this month with chemical weapons has been launched from the same airport of Sheirat.