Hezbollah's militia disrupts efforts to secure jobs for Syrian refugees

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 6 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

A member of Lebanese parliament of Hezbollah's block, Waleed Sukariya, admitted on Wednesday that his party was blocking any government or Lebanese efforts to create jobs for Syrian refugees.

Recruitment is Settlement

"The demand for securing job opportunities for the Syrian displaced people in Lebanon is a settlement, and this is unacceptable to the Lebanese people, especially as it is causing a great demographic change that Lebanon can not tolerate and lead to its disintegration," Sukariya said.

He added: "The process of stability and survival in Lebanon through housing and work will be a future problem for Lebanon, what will be the status of Lebanon? Will it remain a unified state or will become disjointed states and districts.

The "loyalty bloc to the resistance" said that "the solution lies in understanding with the Syrian state - the regime of Bashar al-Assad - to return of these displaced persons to Syria gradually, starting with dialogue," according to the news agency of "Sputnik."

The Situation of the Syrians

Lebanon hosts more than 2 million displaced Syrians, who have fled the war of more than five years in their country, according to unofficial statistics, while the UN refugee agency in Lebanon estimates the number of displaced persons to be 1, 17,433 refugees.

A UN study showed that 70 percent of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon live below the poverty line, that refugees are still under the influence of what they call external shocks and rely mainly on humanitarian assistance.

Lebanon has repeatedly witnessed campaigns organized by partisan and religious movements calling for the expulsion of the Syrians and the crackdown on them. Anti-racist campaigns are calling for the suspension of this speech and the search for the integration of refugees into the new society.