Eastern Ghouta and Khan Shaikhoun Suffer of the Syrian regime's crimes

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

The eastern Ghouta area in the countryside of Damascus and the city of Khan Shaikhoun in rural Idlib witnessed massacres climed the lives of civilians in the past 48 hours, in which more than 164 people were killed.

In the city of Khan Shaikhoun - which yesterday witnessed chemical attacks - the number of victims of suffocation climbed to 100 people, while nearly 300 others were suffering from suffocation of varying severity, including those who were transferred to Turkish hospitals.

The situation in the eastern Ghouta - especially the areas of Douma, Hamouriya and Saqba - is not much different from Khan Shaikhoun in terms of the victims, but civilians died as a result of the fall of explosive bombs on their homes, In this regard, spokesman of the Information Office of the Revolutionary Forces in Damascus, "Yusuf Bustani" said that the regime exploited the international community's preoccupation with the massacre of Khan Shaikhoun to carry out reprisals against the people of Ghouta. It is likely that the regime will start a wide-scale military campaign in a few days to strike the positions of the revolutionary factions.

He added that the number of victims of Ghouta exceeded 64 documented names people including 16 children and 12 women, all of them killed in air raids or from injuries that were not treated properly due to the lack of some drugs and the operating rooms filled, adding that the number of raids exceeded 139 raids.

The General Commission  of the Eastern Ghouta considered that the recent violations in Syria and the military escalation targeting the liberated areas - especially the eastern Ghouta and Idlib - destroyed any hope of a political solution.