#Russia Offers "SDF" to attack Idlib, Kurdish sources Say

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

According to Kurdish media sources, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) received an offer from Russia to attack Idlib from the town of Afrin, Aleppo, which is under the control of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG), the main component of SDF milita under the pretext of "fighting extremists" and l-Qaeda organization".

YPG miltia is still considering the offer submitted to them, likely that will not make such a step only after consultation with the United States of America and take their consent, pointing at the same time that the militias mentioned opened several camps to fight ", the Kurdish news website "PassNews" confirmed.

A few weeks ago, Russia announced that it had moved part of the Hameimim Reconcilation Center to northern Aleppo, while activists broadcast pictures and footages show the deployment of Russian armored vehicles and soldiers near the city of Afrin.