157 Deceased on Tuesday of #Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 April, 2017


ElDorar AlShamia:

On Tuesday, 157 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in bombardment of chemical and explosive weapons targeting the areas of Idlib, Damascus countryside and Hama.

In the province of Idlib, 133 civilians were killed, 35 of them in the areas of Sarqab and Salqin, and the rest are all victims of the regime's targeting of Khan Shaikhoun with chlorine and sarin toxic gases.

A total of 21 civilians, including nine women and two children, were killed in the shelling of the areas of Saqba, Hamuria, Kafr Batna, Douma and Jesrin.

Three people were also killed in Kafr Nboudah town of Hama countryside in an air strike targeted the area.

The number of injured yesterday climbed to 490 people, most of them with severe suffocation due to poison gases, which hit Khan Shaikhoun city of Idlib countryside.