Russian Defense Ministry Justifies Chemical Massacre in Khan Shaikhoun

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 April, 2017
Children from Khan Shaikhoun were suffocated


ElDorar AlShamia:

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Syrian regime's air force carried out the raids on the town of Khan Shaikhoun in rural Idlib and provided a "fictional" account of the massacre that took place as a result of the use of chemical weapons in the raids.


The ministry said in a statement that the raids targeted a factory and a store of chemical weapons and ammunition, run by "terrorist groups" in the eastern outskirts of Khan Shaikhoun, used in wars, and ammunition was transferred from this arsenal earlier to Iraq.

The ministry claimed in a statement that the munitions were used by the "militants" in Aleppo earlier, according to Russian experts, and that the effects of poisoning on the face of victims in the massacre of Khan Shaikhoun are similar to those that emerged in Aleppo months ago.

Dozens of pictures and videos broadcast by local and foreign activists and agencies yesterday from Khan Shaikhoun show that the residential areas, the civil defense center and the city’s hospital were shelled directly, with no indication that the target area was military, especially that the victims who approached 100 victims, mostly children and women.

In a press conference a few weeks ago of Syria's International Commission of Inquiry confirmed the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime to recapture the city of Aleppo.