Hundreds dead and injured in Syrian regime gas bombing against Idlib

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 April, 2017
The bombing of a warplane belonging to the Syrian regime, on Tuesday, caused hundreds of dead aND injured civilians suffocated by the stuffing of toxic gases bombs against the southern countryside of the province of Idlib. Eldorar correspondent confirmed that at 8:35 am, a Sukhoi 22 warplane targeted residential compounds in the town of Khan Shikhun in Idlib with several chemical-laden bombs, which led to the deaths of a large number of victims and wounded. Our correspondent learned from sources in the Civil Defense that the number of victims reached 98 people, mostly women and children, in addition to more than 270 cases of suffocation. The director of the hospital of Telmanis, Dr. Wasel al-Jarak, said that the hospital alone received 80 deaths and more than 100 injuries. The attacks came just hours after the helicopter attack of the Syrian regime targeted the town of Habit in the province's countryside with an explosive containing toxic gases that killed two children and left 35 cases of suffocation