YPG arrests 400 young people in Qamishli in the past 72 hours

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 3 April, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

The YPG militia of the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) arrested hundreds of youg Kurds from al-Qamishli city, north-eastern Syria, with the aim of recruiting them for forced military service and putting them into battles.

In the last 72 hours, militias have arrested more than 400 youths, while the arrest raids, continued, including the central market, al-Salam market and the vegetable market, as well as restaurants, cafes, shops and houses.

This campaign is the first of its kind in terms of the number of detainees and the spread of fixed and mobile checkpoints, where these checkpoints were deployed at the entrances and exits of the city as well as patrols moving within the alleys.

The YPG, which is fighting battles against the IS organization on the outskirts of the province of Raqqa, is trying to compensate for its human losses by arresting young people and forcing them into battles.
This prompted young people to try to flee to Kurdistan region of Iraq or Turkish territory.