Two Syrians Killed in IED in Lebanese town of Arsal

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 30 March, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

Two Syrians were killed and another Lebanese woman was wounded Thursday evening by a roadside bomb in the Lebanese town of Arsal near the Syrian border.

The Arsal camps are home to about 80,000 Syrian refugees, scattered over several camps in the town, as well as about 40,000 refugees in camps in the town's groves.


Explosion in Details

A Lebanese security source said: "Two people were killed and three others were wounded in an IED  bomb in the town of" Arsal "border north-east of the country," according to Kuwait News Agency "KUNA".

He added that "preliminary information indicates that a bomb exploded inside a truck carrying a Syrian plate; which led to the death of two Syrians and wounding three others with third-degree burns, in addition to the burning of the truck in full."

The security source pointed out that the Lebanese security force was unable to reach the scene of the explosion in "al-Shafaq" area on the outskirts of the town of "Arsal", because masked gunmen cordoned around the place, which prevents the arrival of the Lebanese security forces.


Continued  Clashes

Arsal is located northeast of Lebanon, near the border with Syria. After the Syrian revolution of 2011, it received Syrian refugees living in camps around the town.

IS militants deployed in the outskirts of Arsal town, "Fatah al-Sham front" and "Hezbollah" militia , where Sporadic battles erupted between the three forces to control the village's barren areas.