Confusion and tension in the Suburb of pro-Assad in al-Ghouta

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
The pro-Assad suburb area in Harasta , Rif-Dimashq province  on Friday, witnessing a security tension, against in the backdrop of fierce battles in the region and the mutual bombardment operations with rebel brigades.
Field sources said that the al-Assad's forces closed since this morning all the al-Assad suburb exits Assad Harasta area and prevented civilians from leaving in the direction of the capital, Damascus, and that due to ongoing battles with the rebels Brigades in its surroundings since the night hours.
This, violent clashes are taking place since the early morning hours between the rebels and the al-Assad militias in the vicinity of the Harasta hospital, amid the progress of the rebels Brigades, were killed and dozens of fleeing Assad's forces toward the suburb of Harasta.
The region has also witnessed shelling with mortars, reached the Peronist and the Police Hospitals , other areas in the Tal city and Ma’raba town- connecting road between cities and towns, expressing, what resulted in many injured, including members of Assad's forces.
In the meantime, activists reported that Assad's forces evacuate some buildings in the suburb of Harasta, amid panic prevail among the elements of the al-Assad militias and their families.
It is noteworthy that Harasta suburb, or what is now the suburb of al-Assad, which is located in the north-western side of the Eastern Ghouta contain more than 80 thousand people, with the majority in favor of the Assad regime, and where many of the families of officers and security officials.