In order to avoid a disaster .. Euphrates dam engineers demand urgent steps

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 March, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

A group of engineers and specialists working in the Euphrates Dam called in a statement to the coordination with the Turkish government to store water in the lakes of dams on the Euphrates River until technicians can access to the dam and solve the problem, demanding a halt to military operations near the dam.

The signatories to the statement are: Eng. Abdul Jawad Sakran Director of the Euphrates Dam, Eng. Haitham Bakour Assistant Head of Mechanics Department,  Eng. Abboud Haj Aboud Head of Electricity Department, Eng. Musa Al Ahmad Director of Dams, Eng. Ahmed Farhat Head of Mechanics Department in Euphrates Dam, Technician: Alhakam Tawfiq administrative officer of the conversion station): The four-hour deadline for the cease-fire near the dam is not enough, though "photos and videos that have been posted by the coalition forces and IS organization of the show very clearly with no doubt the body of the Euphrates dam and its operations room is directly responsible for total leadership Generation, and in addition to the presence of control and signaling circuits. Therefore, any defect in the station will appear in the form of a light and sound signal in the analysis apparatus in the operating room so problem could ba handled, but now the operation room is burnt unlike the Syrian Democratic Forces said, and it is completely out of service, which means the loss of control over the command of the station, and secondly the inability to monitor the station equipments of pumps and turbines from the levels of water and oil in the reservoirs. "

The statement added: "The station getting out of work will sink in the station because of the pumps stopped pumping water inside, and so we will lose the station, and the biggest problem is the loss of control of the gates of the flood, which is raised through (the crane ) because there is no electricity to feed , and the absence of the specialists working on the gates of the flood, which will lead to rising water level in al-Tabqa Lake if the flow continues from Turkey, and will reach a critical and dangerous level that may lead to flood from the top of the body of the dam, if things do not change, the disaster will inevitably come, collapse of the dam and the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. "

The statement directed a message to all interested parties: "The giving of a four-hour deadline by SDF militias to repair the great damage in the Euphrates dam is not sufficient to work, or even to assess damage to the Euphrates Dam.
At least 48 hours to meet the specialized technical staff; because most of the cadres do not exist and left the city because of the bombing and battles taking place in the region, and their presence at such a speed is almost impossible, and after their presence and meeting with all mechanical electrical specialties they also need additional time to enter and assess the size of the damage , and finding serious,  emergent and alternative solutions after detection of course, and this takes time necessary to bring the necessary equipment also according to damage and its size. "

Engineers came out with number of recommendations that must be done immediately, namely:
1. Stop military operations near the Euphrates Dam.
2. Coordination with the Turkish government for water storage within its dams lakes until the problem is resolved.
3. Provide appropriate generators to feed the crane at the top of the station to raise the spillway gates, a diesel generator 500KVA and put next to the crane, a generator 200KVA to feed the irrigation outlet gates.
4. The presence of humanitarian corridors to enter the technicians working to raise the spillway gates; because this work is not automatic and need workers.

The arrival of the military operations and the bombing of the Coalition led to the damage of the dam, which sparked a wave of controversy over the possibility of the collapse of the dam or not.