Mediations for the exit of "Kurdish Protection Units" from Tal Rifat and its suburbs

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 March, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

A year has passed since Kurdish Protection Units seized the town of Tal Rifat and its countryside in the northern countryside of Aleppo, by exploiting the attacks by the IS organization against the Free Syrian Army factions.

The Kurdish Protection Units have committed several violations against the inhabitants of villages and towns; they have been displaced, seized their property and homes, as well as detention cases against those who refused to leave the area.

 Two days ago an initiative between the Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish Protection Units about the exit of the latter from the region and the entry of the FSA to it with all its weapons and military equipment, and to know more details about the initiative Eldorar correspondent had an interview with the Political Office Official of Military Council of Tel Rafaat and its countryside, Basheer Aleeto.

"What is being talked about can not be described as negotiations. There is no direct contact with the Kurdish Protection Units, but some parties that have ties to one of the unit's supporters, such as the USA or Russia, are making shy attempts to solve the main problem of the region, the occupation of Arab areas and the displacement of its people, and causing sectarian hatred in this region, which was an example of coexistence between Arabs and Kurds. " Aleeto said.

Aleeto explained that they did not reach any agreement till now, However the people of Tel Refa'at agreed to authorize the "Mu'tasim Brigade" as an intermediary, negotiator and the executor of any future agreement, adding that the Council would not reject any initiative that brings the land back to its people and end the suffering of displaced civilians from their towns and camp dwellers.

If the Protection Units refuse to take the initiative and leave the cities

"If the initiative is presented to the Protection Units and they rejected it, the military solution is the option we will focus on if this occupation continues to be ignored and the displacement by the occupiers and their supporters, and our natural right not to alienate our rights and our land, if it's by peace we are with it, otherwise military action is our choice. " Aleeto said.

Will there be a guarantor or sponsor of the initiative?

It is too early to talk about that, but it is quite certain that such a thing will not be far from the consent of the supporters of the Protection Units, especially the United States of America

 What methods will you seek to return to your cities?

"The fact that the Units occupy Arab areas with Russian support and consider themselves a force to separate between the FSA and Assad regime, and causing displacement and bloodshed will not stop until the exit or defeat, they have made the area on the crater of a volcano, and created sectarian hatred,if there is a hope to restore things to normal is by the Units withdraw from these areas, and left it to the people and their children from the FSA." Aleeto added.

"The FSA was able, at an earlier stage, to control Afrin and its surroundings, especially after the liberation of Brigade 135, which is adjacent to Afrin, but did not do so; FSA did not impose an occupation on any Kurdish region and did not abandon anyone. But the PYD when tempted by the regime and Russia to occupy the and destroy these areas for their own sake they did not hesitate to do so.